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Overall, my time here at Flex PT was pretty great. After having surgery on my shoulder back in June, I found out that I needed to go to physical therapy.  I was pretty scared at first, but walking in my first day, I felt very welcomed. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a good experience here. Coming in 3 times a week and doing exercise became second nature. It felt great knowing that after putting in the work I’d be able to return back to sports. I’ve been involved in sports my whole life and being away from it for this long was definitely challenging. Flex PT was luckily a great choice and I’m glad I got to spend my recovery time here. The small group of people who work here are all very nice and you get to know them while you’re here. I’m glad to finally be finished, but if I ever get injured during sports and I need therapy again, I’ll be coming back here for sure.

-Gabriella L.

My journey began 2 weeks after having my ligament repaired on my right knee. I called Flex PT and the first person I spoke with was Luanna, who was very welcoming and explained the process from start finish. My first session was pain but I was in great hands working with Zoran, he explained the exercises and treatment plan. As I returned to work a week later I changed my days for PT and I began working with Raffaele who was equally knowledgeable and kind. The entire team is great and understanding.

Two months later I have finished all my sessions and I am back to my “normal activities” without pain. Hopefully I will not be back but if I need physical therapy I will be back!

-Yolanda T.

My experience at Flex PT was wonderful. The staff is upbeat and helpful and the therapist was very knowledgeable and passionate about my progress. The surroundings are spacious and bright and the equipment is top notch!

I began PT at Flex several days after knee surgery. (I received no home PT but came straight to Flex). My first visit focused on improving my range of motion, my pain level was high. The therapist was reassuring and patiently guided me towards my goals. Today after three months with Flex, my pain level is zero, my range of motion is great and my outlook for a full recovery is sunny.

I would recommend Flex Physical Therapy without reservation!

-Ann C.

I started Flex PT 2 ½ weeks after a knee replacement. I had 2 weeks of home PT prior to coming and was walking with a cane very slowly. Even though I lived very close (1/2 block), I need transportation which was provided by Flex. By the 3rd week of PT I was walking there with the cane and in the next 3 weeks I did not need a cane. Without PT I am sure I would not have progressed that far. Dr. Raffaele always answered all my questions and the staff is all very pleasant.

Physical Therapy is not always easy and can be uncomfortable at times but you must focus on the end product. I am now enjoying gardening, volunteering and having returned to water aerobics at the YMCA. I thank Flex PT for all their help and support.

-Donna Z.

When I first came to therapy I was very nervous and stressed as I had never experienced so much back pain and immobility ever before. However, from my first visit I felt the calmness and positive energy that pulses throughout the facility. I felt very welcome and sincere concern for my discomfort. The assistants were very helpful and accommodating – always checking that I was doing OK. The therapist never rushed and was immediately able to identify my specific trouble spots. Through massage and other techniques I was greatly improved. My pain went away and I felt back to normal after only a few weeks. I was so worried I would never be able to enjoy the holidays but now they will be the best ever.

-Elisabeth B.

When I came in to PT I had hurt my arm in a softball game. I had thrown the ball the wrong way and was unable to throw the ball with all my power. When I got to PT I started activities. Some of the activities were difficult to do in the beginning, but once I started doing them regularly, I was building up all my strength again. Doing activities from before and now, the trouble has gone down. I feel that PT has helped me a lot, and I will be able to play softball in the spring.

-Julie G

When I first began treatment at Flex, I was having difficulty with everyday tasks using my shoulder. Sleeping on my left side was painful and any movement over my head was painful as well.  I could not comfortably wash my hair and back and I could not put away dishes or groceries into kitchen cabinets. The doctor, Raffaele, began a series of exercises focusing on strengthening and stretching my shoulder muscles. Each step in my progress was strategically planned to give me the ultimate progress with the least amount of discomfort. Currently, I can do all everyday activities with ease. I am grateful for the care and consideration given to me by the doctor and his professional staff.

-Maria S

I started PT in November 2016. I basically had trouble with all activities. Raffaele listened to my complaints and concerns. I thought I would have to either have surgery or at least an epidural. Raffaele worked with me slowly until I was able to progress. As of now I am a pro at all my exercises and activities. I am able to do things like housework, walking and standing without pain.

With all the care and compassion I received here at Flex Physical Therapy I am truly grateful!

-Helen F.

From beginning to end, what a wonderful experience! I went from feeling disabled to being able to perform all my usual activities with no pain at all. Thank you to Raffaele and the staff at Flex- you exceeded my expectations!

-Jerilyn M.

I arrived at Flex Physical Therapy with a significant shoulder injury that I had left untreated for over six months. My physician prescribed steroids and an X-ray before referring me for physical therapy. I chose Flex due to its reputation for excellence, professionalism and integrity. I found all the aforementioned to be absolutely true. Dr. Lagonigro and his team all contributed in meaningful ways to meet my treatment goals. A plan was outlined clearly at the onset and carefully monitored and adjusted accordingly throughout treatment to insure the best outcome. I have a new shoulder! I am completely satisfied with my experience and the exceptional care I received at Flex PT. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. Thank you Lu, Maggie, Alyssa, Marissa, Zoran and especially Dr. Raffaele Lagonigro!

-Freida C.

I highly recommend Flex Physical Therapy for all your therapy needs. I started therapy with Flex after I had total knee replacement surgery. My experience there was excellent. The location is convenient, up to-date and kept very clean. I felt very comfortable there. My Therapist Dr. Raffaele Lagonigro and his intern Maggie were very nice, gentle and patient with me. He and his staff are professional yet caring, very friendly and down to earth. Before I began therapy I wasn’t able to cook, clean, shower or even put on my own shoes without help, now I’m able to do it on my own with moderate difficulty; with the guidance and instructions they gave me I feel confident that I will continue to reach my goals to do more of what I love and want to do. God bless Dr. Raffaele and his team and that they continue their great work in helping other reach their goals. Thank you.

-Elisabeth V.

I was in an accident and ended up with a fractured patella. My doctor wanted to avoid surgery, if possible, and recommended physical therapy. When I started, I was unable to stand from a sitting position without assistance, and my leg was extremely weak. I had a brace on my leg and needed a walker for many weeks. I am now able to resume many of my former activities and, thanks to Raffaele and his team, was able to avoid surgery. The attention and competency that you receive at this center is first rate. Everyone is pleasant, and it’s an excellent place to recuperate.

-Ann G. 

After the positive outcome a few years ago when I injured my knee, physical therapy was a no-brainer this time around when I developed tendonitis in my shoulder. And returning to Flex was also a no-brainer. The staff is competent and caring, the atmosphere relaxed and the treatment appropriate for the injury. When I started treatment I had severe pain in my shoulder. I could not lift anything heavy nor could I do household chores without pain. I am happy to say I can do all of that now. And with the exercises I learned at Flex, I can continue them at home to strengthen my shoulder. I am so please again with a positive outcome.

-Mary Ann V.

Before PT, I got some much pain in my knees at times that I needed at least 10 minutes before I could walk again. Some days, fencing practice became impossible with the amount of pain I had. Now that I have finally gone to PT, I understand why I was having such excruciating pain and was able to get rid of most of it. If I had not come I would be trying to fix the problem with my knees with the wrong solution and might have made my problems worse. Now, even if I get pain again I know what’s causing it. The therapy was challenging but not impossible and really made me feel the progress I was making. This was a fantastic experience and I am so thankful for the great staff at Flex for getting me to where I am now.

-Gareth S.

I have had too many sprained, twisted and rolled ankles to count. This summer, with no recall of an injury, my right foot had pain and a burning sensation along the side. Even though it wasn’t a constant pain, I finally decided to get it checked out. After seeing a podiatrist and numerous diagnostic tests, the Dr. suggested Physical Therapy. After 6 weeks of exercises, heat and massage, I’m happy to be pain free. The staff at Flex was helpful and supportive and made coming here stress-free. The pain is gone but I will continue my exercises at home!

-Charlene T.

Flex is a state of the art physical therapy center. I injured my shoulder and arm and could not properly dress myself, do my hair or put on my seat belt. The team at Flex helped me recover the use of my arm in a matter of weeks. I can now dress, groom and put on my seat belt with no problem.

The staff is professional and courteous and under the direction of Raffaele Lagonigro, everything runs smoothly and on time. I highly recommend this facility. Raffaele is an excellent diagnostician, recommending the appropriate exercises for me to recover from my injury.

-Camille M.

Before coming to Flex I was unable to walk well on my sprained ankle. I would be in pain with the slightest pressure, even driving caused me pain. My ankle was so weak that after standing for 20 minutes it would hurt and I would feel a burning sensation. I made the decision to come to Flex because I knew I needed to fix my ankle if I wanted to go back to Lacrosse. I needed to be able to run and make quick cuts and turns. So the choice to come to PT was an easy one for me. Now I am able to do everything I was able to do before the injury with very little pain. I am very thankful for the help I received at Flex Physical Therapy and recommend it to everyone.

-Andrew C.